The Grotte Chauvet 2

The Grotte Chauvet 2 beautifully and truthfully showcases 36000-year old cave paintings that have been reproduced up to the millimetre. The original cave “La Grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc”, discovered in 1994, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with no access except for scientists. This has been done to preserve the integrity of the site and its paintings. Since one cannot visit the original cave the Grotte Chauvet 2 has been created. It is the world’s biggest reconstitution site.

The main building features meticulous reproductions of the most famous cave paintings. The walls of the cave and the paintings have been reproduced with laser-like precision. A guided visit of the Grotte Chauvet 2 takes approximately one hour and allows you plenty of time to view the paintings. There is also a separate, modern museum building with large displays. Interactive screens also allow further exploration of how people lived here in the Ardèche at the time the cave paintings were created.

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