River and beach

River with private sandy beach

Small river along the entire domain

Natural, private sandy beach

The river la Lande with rocks near the sandy beach and a boy playing

The small river la Lande runs for more than 500 metres along the domaine. It is easy to spot fish swimming and lots of other wildlife like dragonflies, frogs or even dippers. Upstream of the olive mill with its vineyard and the swimming pool lies a little sandy beach with a small waterfall. This is a private area for use by our guests only. Of course, you can go swimming at various spots!

In the summertime, you will be tempted to spend most of your time in this part of the domain. It is also an ideal spot for children to play with sand and water. At the beach, there is also a nice spot to swim in the river. If you are adventurous, try to spot the beavers at nightfall.