Frequently asked questions

You would like to spend your holiday in the Ardèche. Good choice, it’s a beautiful area of France with great natural beauty, lovely villages and bustling markets! You also like the holiday homes at Le Moulin de Lande and the large domain with its swimming pool, little river and the many other aspects. Even better! But there are still some things on your mind that you are not sure about perhaps. This page presents some frequently asked questions that we try to answer as best as we can.

Where are you exactly? I cannot find your address…

The official address of Le Moulin de Lande Gîtes is 39 Chemin du Moulin, 07110 Chassiers, France. However, this “adresse géopostale” was introduced in 2017 and your navigation system may use traditional names for this location like Moulin de(s) Lande(s) or Lieu-dit Le Moulin de Lande. If all else fails, please use the GPS coordinates on the Contact page or what3words: ///madmen.raft.piper. It’s easy to find us: just drive north exactly 2 kilometres from the intersection of the D103 and the D223, coming from Lachapelle-sous-Aubenas right after the hamlet of La Vernade and the bridge over the river Lande.

Can I book for one week in high season?

The online booking system is configured to only accept two weeks or longer for most of July and August. If a 1-week period is available in-between two 2-week bookings, this 1-week period will become bookable. This is the only exception in high season. But think twice! You will be happy to stay two weeks here: there is an enormous amount of things to do and see in the Ardèche during summer. Moreover, you can spend a lot of time on the domain itself already with its swimming pool, private beach, playground, pizza oven, etc. Therefore, we strongly advise you to consider two weeks. Most 1-week guests that have stayed at Le Moulin de Lande during summer regretted that they did not stay longer…

Can we bring our dog?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept pets at Le Moulin de Lande, also not from day visitors. The only exception that we currently make, is for official disability dogs. That being said, if you plan on bringing an official disability dog, please contact us first.

Are there mosquitoes?

You may occasionally encounter a mosquito, but there are much fewer mosquitoes than we were used to in the center of a small town in the Netherlands. After all, the river always has flowing water, so there is no stagnant water where mosquitoes can reproduce.

Can one drink the tap water?

The tap water in the gîtes is drinking water. In the unlikely event of a water supply problem, we usually recommend keeping a few bottles of mineral water in stock.

Where are the nearest supermarkets?

Most supermarkets are a 15-minute drive away. The closest supermarket is in Largentière, the Carrefour Contact. This has a good selection of products. A much bigger supermarket or “hypermarché” is the E.Leclerc in Saint-Étienne-de-Fontbellon. It has a tremendous selection of products. If you prefer other brands of supermarkets you can check out the various other ones, like Casino, Intermarché or Carrefour, around Aubenas. You will find the nearest Lidl at Chemin du Pialon, Aubenas (a 15-minute drive) or at Traverse des Vernades, Rosières, about a 25-minute drive. Please note that these supermarkets are closed on Sundays for most of the year, the exception being the summer months July and August. The Carrefour Contact in Largentière is an exception, being open on Sunday morning for most of the year.

Is there WiFi?

WiFi is available free of charge. Every holiday home is equipped with its own WiFi base station. The WiFi speed is fast enough for streaming and remote work, because we use Starlink for the central internet connection.

And that concludes our frequently asked questions (for now).