The convenience of direct online booking

Remember the time that you went to a travel agency or looked through a guidebook to find where to stay during your vacation? That seems like a long time ago… Finding and booking your holiday home has become fast and convenient. Nowadays you just go to Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, Tripadvisor or many other sites. You look for holiday homes in the area where you want to spend your holidays – how about the Ardèche? You compare the features and prices and you book directly online. Done! That is the convenience of direct online booking. Now you just need to think about what exactly you want to do and see around there. Luckily, you have plenty of time left for that.

Here I would like to explain some of the main advantages of direct online booking. As owners of Le Moulin de Lande we have made sure that our website also offers the possibility to book directly online. Booking your vacation stay directly with us will be easy, fast and reliable! I will first explain the main benefits of direct online booking. Then I will conclude by showing you how we made booking easy at Le Moulin de Lande.

Real-time availability

One of the reasons to prefer a website where you can book directly online is that real-time availability is displayed. Sometimes, websites will not display any availability at all – you need to ask the owner of the holiday home – or the displayed availability turns out to be out of date. It is frustrating to find out that a holiday home is no longer available after an exchange of messages with the owners that can take a couple of days. Most websites that offer direct online booking will display up-to-date availability, because direct booking would not make sense without this.

Immediate confirmation

On most websites like Airbnb or Booking, the owners of holiday homes can choose the reservation method they prefer. They may prefer to receive a request first. Doing so gives them the opportunity to exchange information and get to know their potential guests before accepting the reservation. Others will choose to accept instant confirmation. Why? This is the easiest and fastest for their guests: You see real-time availability, you make your booking and your reservation is immediately accepted and confirmed. One less thing to worry about when planning your vacation. Typically, a guest’s credit card will serve as a guarantee that the reservation is genuine. Actual payment usually takes place later.

Our way of making booking easy

As owners of Le Moulin de Lande, we just want to make everything as simple and smooth as possible for our guests. So sure, you can book your holiday home on Booking, Airbnb or other sites. They work great. In fact, you will find us on these websites and also on a number of other, more specialised websites. But why would you go there when you can book directly with us? 

Our website displays the real-time availability of the gîtes. On the Booking page, you see a combined availability overview: any period where all four holiday homes are not available will be shown in red. As soon as one holiday home is available, those days will be green. If you want to see the availability of a specific holiday home, you just go to the specific page for that gîte. Searching for availability is easy, too: just type in your dates plus the number of persons and the available holiday homes will be shown immediately.

After you have selected a holiday home, booking it is fast and easy: just fill in your personal details plus your credit card data and click the BOOK button. That’s it! Your reservation is done and immediately confirmed. By the way, your credit card details are not on file with us: these are handled by Stripe, an online payment giant that also handles these data safely for companies like Apple, Amazon, and many others.

Oh, and one more thing. The best price for a holiday home at Le Moulin de Lande? No reason to look elsewhere. You will also find that on our own website. So go and have a look on our direct online Booking page!