Chestnut markets – Castagnades

Chestnuts are an important agricultural product of the Ardèche. For centuries farmers have cultivated the chestnut trees, also known as ‘arbre à pain’ (bread tree). The fruits served as a basis for flour or were eaten in many different ways. Today chestnuts from the Ardèche are still a mark of quality. A special treat are the ‘marrons glacés’, a sugary delicacy.

Hence, it’s no wonder that Ardéchois locals celebrate autumn as the big chestnut season. The Parc naturel régional des Monts d’Ardèche organises a number of chestnut markets called ‘castagnades’ across the Ardèche each year. It’s the occasion to visit a nice village, play some games, listen to music and eat chestnuts, of course. So now you have one more reason to visit the Ardèche!

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The village of Meyras in the Ardèche