The Cave Grotte de la Madeleine

The Grotte de la Madeleine is located in the middle of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. You drive over the Route Touristique from Vallon Pont d’Arc, or from the other side at Saint Martin d’Ardèche. This cave is located approximately in the middle, a bit south of Saint Remèze. From the main road, you drive down another small road. The parking lot is near the building at the entrance. In that building, there is an exposition that explains the Natural Park of the Gorges, the plants and animals that live there and the creation of caves like this.

You actually walk directly into the cave at the entrance. All together you descend around 65 meters. During a guided tour that lasts one hour, you also need to climb this back up again. The Grotte de la Madeleine is best known for its impressive “curtains” that can be seen in a number of places in the cave. Especially the largest hall of the cave has a number of beautiful specimens. In addition, there are many other formations to see, such as a “gourd” (pond) and delicate white crystals that have grown out of pillars. Outside the cave, you have a beautiful view of the gorge, especially from the freely accessible “belvedère”. That is also a great place to picnic.